Living life to the fullest.

Living life to the fullest.

You have one life to live.… tips and tricks to make it the best it can be, regardless of your age.

It's all about quality of life and living the life you truly want. While your mind is sharp and you can make good decisions for yourself there are things you can do to "put all your ducks in a row" to help you maintain your independence longer. Learn how to take control over the things you can, to have a greater long term quality of life. Some of the areas covered include, determining what is most important to you, getting organized, finances, your home, tips for making great memories, stepping out of your comfort zone for an amazing life and much more. The audience will leave feeling empowered and excited about their future. This upbeat presentation is appropriate for people age 50 and above and those who help care for them now or may be caring for them in the future. This presentation can be customized to meet the needs of your audience and event.

Nancy Butler — Motivational Speaker

Nancy Butler

A motivational and educational speaker, Nancy is a highly acclaimed and upbeat presenter specializing in working with small-to-mid-sized businesses, our aging population and high school students. She provides take-aways you can implement immediately.

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