The Joys and Jolts of Caregiving

The Joys and Jolts of Caregiving

Inspiring and Entertaining Conference Keynote or Closing Session

In 1996, Jim’s life took a sudden detour when he quit his job and moved back to Texas to care for both parents. An only child, he had no idea that he was about to begin a 14-year roller coaster ride. His talk helps families learn from the demanding, emotional and sometimes hilarious experiences that caregivers face. He encourages families to plan ahead and talk candidly about the life decisions face. Jim found that real family values aren’t a catch phrase, but a commitment to being there for your family no matter what. Through his own self-education as a caregiver, he helps audiences get ready for role reversal, make difficult decisions with clarity and grace, and go into their parents’ world — not demand that they remember what they can’t remember or be who they no longer can be. Jim learned first-hand that even the unprepared can handle the challenges of caregiving and find real joy in showing up for their parents.

Jim Comer — Motivational Speaker

Jim Comer

Jim tackles tough topics – the mind-numbing fear of public speaking, the authenticity of sharing your stories, caregiving for loved ones – and leaves audiences inspired, informed and entertained.

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