"America's First Black Millionaires"- (From Slavery to Financial Freedom)

"America's First Black Millionaires"- (From Slavery to Financial Freedom)

The (12) Black Millionaire Secrets for achieving Money, Power and Wealth In Amercia.

Becoming a Millionaire or even attempting to break the grip of poverty to become financially success as an African-American can be difficult, given all of the social and economic obstacles of Today. Now imagine attempting to become a millionaire as an African-American during the times of Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation and Blatant Racism? The odds would be low, but a trail blazing group of African-American men & women did the impossible. They became millionaires inspite of their circumstances and the blatant racism present in America during the late 19th and early 20th century. They are the First Black Millionaires In America. In this program, I will discuss the rise of America’s First Black Millionaires born in America and how their wealth helped shape black history and how their mindset and business building strategies can help you succeed Today. (Black History Month program)

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Johnny Campbell, DTM, Accredited Speaker

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