SpeakerMatch Teleseminar Series

Cash Cow Consultant

Becoming a seven-figure subject matter expert

Guest: James Bird Guess

This was a 60 minute teleseminar which took place on April 17, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. Central Time

Get ready for this exclusive interview with one of our most booked SpeakerMatch Members, James Bird Guess. James has been a member since 2009, and has booked all kinds of speaking engagements over the years. James has learned so much along the way and much of his business has shifted to consulting. During this interview, James will share how he transformed his business and became known as the Cash Cow Consultant.

What Was Covered in This Interview:

  • Speaker vs consultant: what’s in a name?
  • Lead generation: how SpeakerMatch helped me generate recurring revenue
  • Pricing strategies, so you can justify $10,000 per day and not get paid minimum wage
  • The real reason most consultants/speakers are underpaid or broke
  • Effective marketing campaigns for client engagement (the $4,500 email blast)
  • Mistakes NOT To Make while marketing consulting and speaking services

About Our Guest

Founder of The Cash Cow Consultant Conference, James was homeless after high school and built a quarter million dollar business from the trunk of his car. He is now a world-renowned consultant, keynote speaker, and CEO of International Success Academy, a management consulting firm advising business leaders on strategic leadership and employee engagement. He is also the bestselling author of the books Lead Like Water: Many Can Manage, Few Can Lead and The Leadership Virus: Inspire, Influence, and Infect People with Energy and Enthusiasm. Many of James' current clients have achieved Fortune 100 Best Places to Work status and he is currently retained by the U.S. Army for leadership training design and execution.

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