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FINANCE (variety of programs available)
Customized Presentation for You and Your Attendees

Your next step is to schedule your brief 15 minute Discovery Call to brainstorm about your Finance presentation and your preference on how the content is delivered to your attendees. Schedule your call now! During your laser-focused call, Davy will gather the key information to understand your objectives, your organization, your people (attendees) along with your specific challenges and goals s...


Travels From: Austin & San Antonio & Dallas & Houston, TX
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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Money on Your Terms
Financial Security for You and Your Family

Would you like to have more Money in your Life? Would you believe that there are financial forces that are keeping you from having more? Today we have so many decisions to make with money: College, Car, Home, Credit Cards, Insurance, Retirement, and Investments. It can be overwhelming to make the right decisions. During this entertaining and engaging speech your audience will learn the...


Travels From: Palm Desert, CA
Fee Range: Open

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What Do You Want Your Healthcare System to Do For You?
Clear up confusion about the U.S. Healthcare system, understand all its issues and learn innovative ways to lower its cost and make America healthier!

Does America want a "designer flip phone" healthcare system or a "smartphone" healthcare system? What the launch of Apple's iPhone versus the rest of the cell phone industry can teach us about the current healthcare debate and where we need to go. Do we want to only address a few issues by moving around what we see already exist or do we want to embrace America's place as an innovation leader t...


Travels From: Palm Springs, CA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Trends Intensive: Hands‐On "Funshop"
How to Sell Stuff to Rich People

You can learn a lot by attending a presentation. But true working knowledge comes from rolling up your sleeves and putting it all into action. Now that you have experienced one of Daniel Levine’s world-class trends presentations, this is your opportunity to expand your mind, explore possibilities and put your new-found expertise to work. In this intensive interactive workshop you’ll get hands...


Travels From: New York, NY
Fee Range: Over $10,000

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Ballin On A Budget
Financial Literacy for Consumers

A session geared toward money management /budgeting


Travels From: Travels from Dallas, TX
Fee Range: Varies

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