Increase the Effectiveness of Your Presentation by Engaging Introverts

By Paul Edwards

Have you ever had a speaking engagement in which the members of the audience just stared at you while you talked and didnt even smile at your jokes? Or have you ever had a speaking engagement in which you sent out waves of positive, enthusiastic energy into the audience only to watch them crash upon silent, straightfaced listeners? If either of these scenarios have happened to you, dont worry, i

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Three Reasons Speakers Fail to Hit the Mark

By Patricia Fripp & Jeff Davidson

Making a connection with your audience is vital in delivering a successful presentation. And in order to make a connection, it's important to get into the habit of doing your homework before each speech. The following are three common reasons that presentations don't have the outcome you may expect, along with the remedies that can easily be applied.1. Not understanding the assignment before leavi

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Little Things Really Do Mean a Lot

By Mike Moore

Last summer I was driving alone through northern Ontario, Canada on my way to Lake Superior country for my annual solo camping trip. I do this once a year to find solitude and peace in the beauty of nature and to recharge my emotional batteries. As I was driving through a small town between Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie, I passed an insurance business that is owned by the family of a young woman wit

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The Platinum Rule Gives You the Power to Convert More Leads Into More Sales

By Ron Finklestein

In this two-part series, learn why The Golden Rule islackluster in comparison to The Platinum Rule when it comes to gaining morespeaking business. Your pipeline is filling up but you are not closing as muchbusiness as you expected. How do you convert the leads from your marketingactions into revenue? Develop a better understanding of the sales process andhow to quic

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5 Tax Time Tactics for Keeping More of Your Money

By Dennis Bridges

ThroughoutAmerica,taxpayers are in the midst of that time of year we all love to hate tax time.And whether you're an emerging speaker or a 20-year veteran, there are loads oflegally deductible expenses to take advantage of on your return.Thefollowing are just a few of the tactics to keep in mind as you work towards thelowest legal tax liability for 2009 and 2010. 1.

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Turn Dull into Dynamic! The 10 Biggest Traps to Avoid When you Speak

By Patricia Fripp

Wheneveryou open your mouth, whether your audience is one person or a thousand, youwant to get a specific message across. And anyone who sets out to present,persuade, and propel with the spoken word faces 10 major pitfalls.1.Unclear Thinking. Ifyou cant describe what you are talking about in one sentence, you may beguilty of fuzzy focus or trying to cover too many topi

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Support Your Presentation with Believable Posture

By Anita Boser

You've prepared the presentation down to the last detail. You examined the A/V equipment, and it's operational. Your hairstyle, clothing, and attitude give the right impression. Your voice and facial expressions will connect you with the audience. Can anything possibly interfere with your delivery? Yes, posture along with underlying gestures and outward appearance will either detract from communic

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Secrets of Creating A Million Dollar Business Model 10 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Integrity as Your Compass

By Annie Jennings

Creatinga million dollar business model is really all about the basics. Doing the rightthing coupled with delivering what you promise is at the core of long-termsuccess in the speaking business. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind that willkeep you growing in the right direction:1. Know Why Youre the Best: Be able to tell your client WHY they are betteroff using your services t

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Finding the Story in You

By Kelly Swanson

It's all about the story. That signature piece you're known for that defines you as a speaker and sets you apart. We're told that over and over as speakers, but nobody tells us how to find the story. And you can't take someone else's story because aside from being rude, it won't wear the same on you. So how do you find the story to put into your presentations? Here are some tips to get you started

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Eliminate Your Self-Imposed Detours to Success

By Dave Sheffield

Thereare a number of ups and downs in the speaking business. Rejection, eventplanners changing their minds, and economic tightening of belts are all thingsthat are a reality in today's marketplace.I have discovered a few roadblocks that prevent countless speakers fromenjoying the success they deserve. One of the largest roadblocks is a personthat you know quite well. If you r

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