Here’s an unbelievable story: There once was a man who never made a mistake. Every decision he made was perfect. Everything he did turned out right. He met a woman who was also perfect. Together they had a perfect, mistake-free life. Do you believe it? Would anybody believe it?

How about this one: There are more smart people making stupid mistakes than at any time in history. The internet and digital technology have increased our ability to gather and disseminate information faster than our ancestors could have dreamed. At the same time we are making more bad decisions. It seems like the world has gone crazy. How is that possible? How can we have more and better information and make worse decisions? Why do we make so many stupid mistakes?

It’s the noise. The noise from your computer and your TV, from your phone, from the freeway, there’s noise everywhere. Sound pollution. It’s bombarding us from every direction and weakening our decision-making immune system night and day. Constant noise drowns out smart decisions and leads to random mistakes.

Here’s the answer: Train your brain to eliminate noise, think healthy thoughts, and prevent stupid mistakes.