Get in the news.

Many small businesses have a low budget for marketing. It is important that the public know who you are and what you can do for them. One way to do that at almost no cost to the business is a news release.

Any time your business has something noteworthy, send it to all local newspapers and to all organizations you belong to that has a newsletter. An example might be that you launched a new product, attended a seminar to learn more to help your customers, opened a new location, hired new staff, and so much more.

Watch what others have printed about them and keep what you send in, to about the same length and format. Try to find something of interest to the public to submit no more than monthly and include a cover letter.

The next step is to save all printed article and keep them in a great leather bound album to use for marketing in other ways. You can display it at, trade shows, and events you are participating in, when speaking publicly and so much more.

Nancy Butler

Above All Else, Success in Life and Business@njbutler1