SELFCARESQUARED- The Future of Wellness

SELFCARESQUARED- The Future of Wellness

SELFCARESQUAREDâ„¢ is a complete, personalized wellness solution. This mobile application provides a holistic, human-centric, full-stack approach to selfcare based on the exponential power derived from the synergistic combination of our four pillars of a healthy lifestyle--exercise, nutrition, rest/healing and mindfulness/meditation. It is enhanced by our proprietary Care-Tracâ„¢ algorithm, and further protected by our leading-edge SELFCARESQUAREDâ„¢ Privacy and Security Platform. While using this sophisticated technology, our disruptive aggregator app allows one to make choices that support their lifelong wellness goals. Our approach entails lifelong learning - empowering users to take control of their health by offering a SELFCARESQUAREDâ„¢ ecosystem that guides them to relevant content, eCoaches, products and service providers in direct connection with their goals and well being. Again, this customer-centric (human-centric) platform is scalable and our selfcare formula includes a patentable, personal wellness algorithm that aligns itself with each user’s individual lifestyle and personal wellness goals. SELFCARESQUAREDâ„¢ is a game changer in the selfcare space –we are providing a platform, inspiring a movement in which YOU are in charge of the choices you make relating to your wellness. You are in control of your journey toward health, happiness, and longevity, making the utility of SELFCARESQUAREDâ„¢ invaluable. Consumers must regain and reclaim their power, take charge and learn to use better techniques and tools to improve their wellness. If you want to achieve health, happiness, and longevity you, the consumer, are in the best position to achieve it with SELFCARESQUAREDâ„¢. No institution can do what the app can do for you. You are the one who controls your life on your schedule, how, when, and where you want it. Using the app makes all this possible. SELFCARESQUAREDâ„¢ is the most current concept of wellness. The selfcare movement is evolving globally and SELFCARESQUAREDâ„¢ is leading the way.

Sonia Tita Puopolo — Motivational Speaker

Sonia Tita Puopolo


Has delivered speeches throughout North America, Europe, and in the Middle East. Speaks about a variety of topics from fashion to wellness, mindfulness/meditation to selfcare, and more.

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