Better Me, Better Future

Better Me, Better Future

Keys to Maximizing Every Season

A virgin in her 30s, Dr. Lorneka believes that what women do while they're single prepares them for an awesome future. After a few breakups and seasons of confusion, Dr. Lorneka went on a quest to find herself, her voice and her purpose. As a result, Dr. Lorneka was able to heal from her past, accomplish major goals, learn about marriage, empower women and travel around the world sharing her story. We live in a world where being single for a season seems to be so wrong but Dr. Lorneka inspires women to use their time wisely, finds ways to grow individually and maximize their season before and after marriage.

Dr. Lorneka Joseph — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Lorneka Joseph

Coaching. Speaking. Inspiring.

Dr. Lorneka is a speaker, life + wellness coach, hall of fame inductee and pharmacist who helps others create holistic success via stress management and emotional intelligence personally and professionally.

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