Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Dealing with and Healing from Sexual Harassment

The Getting Ready Program includes a wide range of talks, book group topics, discussion group topics, support groups, workshops and keynote addresses, all of which are aimed at helping victims, survivors, witnesses, supervisors, HR and even harassers learn how to deal with and heal from sexual harassment in the workplace. The program is based on the book, Getting Ready: A Journal to Help You Deal with and Heal from Sexual Harassment, and the personal and professional growth opportunities it presents to all of us. We inspire, empower and support audience members to become aware of their full potential and take proactive and positive steps towards manifesting their truest and best selves. We invest in Full Bloom - the ability to show up in all dimensions of the human being - social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual. We call these the 5 petals. Whether we spend an hour with you or an entire day, we help build the awareness of where we each are on the spectrum of each of these dimensions and then encourage each one of us to make steps toward Full Bloom. In this way, we start with where we are and make progress toward where we want to be, personally and professionally, individually and collectively. Because only we can be the change we want (and need) to see in the world. We only have the power to control ourselves. But how we respond to the challenges we face can either positively or negatively impact those around us. We are in this together.

Sara Jones, aka Plum Blossom — Motivational Speaker

Sara Jones, aka Plum Blossom

Always, in all ways, invest in Bloom.

Inspire. Empower. Support.

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