Leadership Hacks to Accelerate Your Ascent

Underemployed? Capable of more? Ready to take your seat at the table? Ladies, it’s Go Time! It’s time to stop struggling in what has long been called a man’s world and start succeeding in the sphere of self-promotion. This session is a must for every female leader ready to propel herself forward. From self-awareness through executive presence and personal influence, you’ll leave with an iron-clad list of essential behaviors to start, stop and continue to make this year the year of you! Audience: This program is perfect for High-Potential Talent, Emerging Leaders, Industry Professionals, Independent Consultants, Women & Affinity Groups Format: 45-60-minute keynote, 1.5-2hr breakout, or a half-day workshop The audience will understand how to: - Embrace their gifts and talents, and articulate them to others - Answer the question "What do you do?" in a way that POPS (Piques my interest, opens a - dialog, and positions them in my long-term memory) - Up-level the way they are perceived through simple yet effective self-promotion - Reinforce their unique value and stay top of mind online

Sima Dahl, CSP — Motivational Speaker

Sima Dahl, CSP

Sway Factorâ„¢ - Stand Out. Stay Relevant. Be in Demand.

Drive Sales, Recruit & Retain Top Talent & Turn Every Employee into an Online Brand Ambassador - Sima is a Marketing, Sales & Leadership triple-play! This powerhouse female speaker will engage your audience and move them to action every single time!

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