Organizational Change and Executive Coaching

Organizational Change and Executive Coaching

Spark Innovation and Change in the Workplace through the Personal Passion and Fulfillment of Employees

Companies and senior leadership spend much of their time focused on the financial statements of their company and often overlook the most important asset: their employees. Leda's experience as the Chief Information Officer at Cetera Financial Group, its spin-off from ING and subsequent years of growth have taught her that fulfilled and passionate employees are the difference between companies that survive and those that thrive, innovate and grow. Leda is available to work with you and your team of senior leaders to understand how to lead, motivate and inspire the employees at your firm to help the company grow to new levels of success.

Leda Csanka — Motivational Speaker

Leda Csanka

Spark Innovation Through Personal Fulfillment and Happiness

Manifest innovation in the workplace through the personal passion and fulfillment of employees. Leda merges years of corporate experience with a passion for personal power and self-development to help companies foster growth, change, and evolution.

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