Battlefield to Boardroom (for Women)

Battlefield to Boardroom (for Women)

Break through Barriers with Military Tactics

It's a battlefield. It’s not always a fair fight. And that … probably won’t change soon. Imagine if... - You had power and control - You could use barriers to your advantage - You could choose a goal and make it happen We need to learn how to apply “battlefield” concepts to OUR “Mission Success”. In this unique and high-energy session, Victoria Bondoc uses film, history, and examples from her experience to share her approach. Why wait for someone to give you a break? 1. Establish “Battlefield” Credibility and get in “The Game”. 2. Rise above competitors using the Military premise, “If you can’t get the little things right, you won’t be trusted to get the big things right”. 3. “Picture the Win” to get the courage to face challenges and achieve goals. CEO and business leader Victoria Bondoc has spent 30 years keeping some of the most demanding clients returning for multi-million dollar contracts. A maverick in National Security, she was an engineer on the “Star Wars” missile defense program, worked undercover investigating black market crime, and grew Gemini Industries to operations at 12 US locations and overseas. You will leave with a new sense of “mission” and plan for success.

National Security & Business Experts — Motivational Speaker

National Security & Business Experts

Turn Mission Impossible to Mission Success

A maverick in National Security, Victoria Bondoc grew Gemini to operations at 12 US locations and abroad. As a Foreign Service officer, Greg Hicks developed global strategies and led the effort that saved the lives of over 30 Americans in Benghazi.

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