Rise of Women through Globalization

Rise of Women through Globalization

The ADVANTAGE of being a woman in the new globalizing professional world

We have all heard of books that warn against "being nice girls" and instead advise to "think like men. " After 19+ years of successfully working globally in male dominated industries (NASA, Department of Defense, Aerospace giants, etc), my practical knowledge combined with academic work gave me a clear perspective on the advantages of THINKING and FEELING like a woman in a new globalizing “flat world”. It is no longer a disadvantage to overcome but an advantage to capitalize on, if you just know how! Things participants will learn: - How globalization changed the professional world - What are the advantages of being a woman in this new world - How to capitalize on these advantages

Dr. Taira — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Taira

New Leadership for a new globalizing world.

Let 19+ years of expertise in facilitating international projects for agencies such as NASA, U.S. Congress, U.S. Air Force, etc., enlighten, and energize your team to capitalize on diversity and become global players!

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