Longevity Starts with Weight Loss

Longevity Starts with Weight Loss

An Interactive Approach to the Five Factors

For everyone of us, the reason we gain more than a pound a year is multifactorial. Within the correlation of weight gain and longevity extension there are five factors that influence this correlation: food selection, physical activity, stress, metabolism and fat utilization. There are interesting observations of the affect of the other factors when changing one factor. For example, we would expect during calorie restriction in the food selection factor there would be an increase in the stress factor, a decrease in the metabolism factor, and an increase in the fat utilization factor. By recognizing that there is more than one factor to blame for our weight gain and loss of longevity, we are able to gain insight and control over two important aspects. First, it enables us to understand why many of our weight loss attempts are not successful. Second and most importantly, it enables us to make a systematic effort to minimize each factor in order to maximize weight loss and extend our longevity. If you are experiencing weight gain of three or more pounds a year, then this step wise program should be seriously entertained. FOOD SELECTION: Applies to what type and amount of carbohydrate, protein and fat we consume. This factor is likely the most important reason for weight gain and longevity loss. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: We have the preconception that the lack of physical activity is the main cause of our weight gain. Moderate activity of 30 minutes a day is considered sufficient to minimize this factor and will also progressively minimize other longevity risks such as smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. STRESS: The body has a sophisticated inherent positive reward system which can transiently relieve daily stress after we consume certain foods. We may unconsciously attempt to self medicate ourselves with certain foods in order to feel better. Behavioral eating can be a big component to weight gain. METABOLISM: The two main hormones that control our resting metabolic rates are insulin and thyroxine. Insulin levels can be affected by Food Selection while thyroxine can be affected by Physical Activity. For most of us, our resting metabolic rate is the predominant source involved in energy expenditure. FAT UTILIZATION: This factor may make it seem impossible for some to keep weight off despite consuming small amounts of fat. This is because some individuals store consumed fat better than others. This can be identified most easily during childhood where caloric intake and physical activity equivalency are shown to be independent to measured adipose. Behavioral eating typically present itself after the child is over weight and parallels the feeling of being different from their peers. One hour interactive study of The Cycle Diet: Longevity starts with Weight Loss. The Cycle Diet Weight Loss and Longevity Handbook included.

Tim Haselman MD PhD — Motivational Speaker

Tim Haselman MD PhD

Longevity Starts With Weight Loss: An Interactive Approach

One hour interactive study of The Cycle Diet: Longevity starts with Weight Loss. The Cycle Diet Weight Loss and Longevity Handbook included.

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