"What I See When I think About Me"

"What I See When I think About Me"

You are What You Think

Deborah Johnson is a seasoned trainer, facilitator and Project Manager who works with sales and service organizations, to be the best. She is the founder and CEO of Basham Consulting, where she lends a wealth of experience and knowledge to businesses with training, leadership development and speaking engagements. Her background as a flight attendant with US Airways provided her with firsthand knowledge of leadership and what value it brings. She has worked with the public on an international basis and behind the scenes to ensure exceptional services. Over the past few years she has saturated herself in the telecom industry where she became a sponge and gained a wide range of knowledge that included technical support, sales, service and leadership development. She worked with the top industry leaders, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Direct TV to enhance her experience. While engaged with these various projects, Deborah contributed to the development of Sales Training and the Coaching for management with the service providers. Her contribution to the Coaching Process impacted the business in a very positive manner, in that the service representatives training and implementation of new skills showed bottom line results to the organization. Deborah is a professional with a vision for you and the ability to deliver the services.

Deborah B Johnson — Motivational Speaker

Deborah B Johnson

Speaker, Author, Trainer, Motivator

Deborah is the Executive Director of Basham Consulting, LLC. The mission is to promote excellence through engagement and to help individuals live better lives. She works with a number of individuals, businesses and organizations locally and nationally, and continues to make a profound difference for those she meets.

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