Gain The Upper Hand Team Building

Gain The Upper Hand Team Building

Adding the human connection

Powerful tactics to build powerful teams This highly interactive workshop features extensive attendee participation and many exercises that help bonding, problem solving and cooperative behavior. Working in a successful and happy team is extremely satisfying and heavily influences employee retention and productivity. The cooperative atmosphere, the ease of achieving big results and the sense of significance of belonging to a successful team is very appealing. Working as part of such optimal teams is the dream of any individual and organization. Being part of an effective and functioning team boosts resilience in times of adversity, commitment to the cause and bolsters retention. This workshop focuses on transforming a group of people to a team of motivated individuals who work smoothly towards a common goal. We’ll even have lots of laughs and “wow” moments along the way. Much more, this is a true experience that will provide them with valuable tools that they will use personally and professionally. This is a program that they will talk about for a long time to come. Session Objectives and Immediate Take Aways: Identify the core qualities of a team and the secret to its efficiency Communication techniques that build solid business relationships Ability to change perspective and appreciate diverse viewpoints “Hey Matt, that program was awesome! We loved the knots activity so much, we want to make t-shirts about it, can you send us a picture of it?”

Matt Episcopo - International Speaker — Motivational Speaker

Matt Episcopo - International Speaker

Medal of Honor Recipient, International Speaker, Author

Dynamic TEDx speaker, Matt Episcopo's fun, hands on approach engages audience members and delivers valuable content, with proven results, that attendees implement on the spot.

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