Perfecting Imperfection

Perfecting Imperfection

Take Time to Make a Difference

"Perfecting Imperfection" is a candid, humorous and passionate look at time management, self confidence, personal growth and making a difference. Audiences will be smiling from the openness and inspired by the tenacity of this presentation. They won't get 10 tips for time management, but they will be encouraged to get off the clock and into their authentic selves. Coming from a presenter who has an incurable, progressive disease that literally slows down movement, you can be sure time management is important. We can win at time management when we learn to move from perfectionism to authenticism, feel comfortable saying no, and know when to ask for help. We become grateful, happy people who can and want to take time to make a difference in other people's lives. This, in turn, helps us to feel good about ourselves. It’s the “perfect” circle!

Lisa Baldino — Motivational Speaker

Lisa Baldino

Impact starts with I

Impact starts with "I." My normal life turned upside down with a Parkinson's Disease diagnosis at age 44, breast cancer at 48, new business launch and mothering two young children. The result? Making a difference for others every day.

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