Maximize your productivity with Microsoft Outlook

Maximize your productivity with Microsoft Outlook

Effective time management - using Microsoft Outlook to organize your work and personal life

How to use Outlook to keep track of all your important email messages, appointments, and tasks - and get them done in time! You will learn how to: - gain more quality time for what matters most to you instead of doing other stuff first, so you'll - develop your business, improve your sales and impress your boss, - stay relaxed - cope with email and information overload, - be at home sooner instead of doing overtime - you'll have more time to spend with your loved ones, at the gym or reading your favourite book, and; - have more fun at work! Get your life back by using Microsoft Outlook for effective time management in the right way for today's challenges: survive the daily flood of e-mails, find important information when you need it, keep track of your tasks, set the right priorities and get important stuff done in time to achieve big results and spend more time for what matters most to you.

Holger Woeltje — Motivational Speaker

Holger Woeltje

Harnessing technology for productivity

Harnessing technology for productivity: German expert (author of 7 best selling books) who works with Fortune Global 500 companies worldwide teaches you how to prepare for the future digital workplace - in easy to understand language

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