Cyber Crime Is The New Organized Crime

Cyber Crime Is The New Organized Crime

Lessons From The Criminal Underground And How To Protect Your Business, Family and Identity from Cyber Criminals.

If you think you're aware of cybercrimes happening now, you're about to be shocked at what you don't know! Mr. Henson’s presentation will reveal what steps you need to take today to help safeguard not only your business but your family and personal identity from organized cyber crime. You will no longer think that there is nothing on your computer a hacker would want. You will also learn why and how to protect your information on mobile devices and why it is so important to have a lock screen on your phone. The seminar will reveal: Why organized crime has shifted its focus to small and medium enterprises New products, technologies and methods that businesses need to have in place to combat these new threats How to save your business from being the "low hanging fruit" that criminals target How anti-virus software and firewalls are only a tiny fraction of the solution The human factors that are far more likely to get your business hacked and targeted Financial strategies to protect your bank accounts that most people don't know How to protect your corporate data that is now carried on mobile and portable devices

Charles Henson — Motivational Speaker

Charles Henson

Peace Of Mind For Your Audience, In A Not So Secure World!

Charles recently became an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author on Cyber Crime. He is the host of an on-demand TV show called InSecurITy on Roku, Apple TV, Kindle and xBox systems. Charles is passionate about teaching Internet safety.

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