Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

What Leaders to Need to Know and Act on Today

One word will determine which business succeeds and which one perishes: Technology. Even more important, how you leverage technology. Perhaps even more important – collecting and harnessing the power of data. Every business from farming, to food, to big pharma, is being disrupted by those who know how to leverage technology. Jag Randhawa, an award-winning technologist and innovation author will share how some of the future technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Big Data, 3-D Printing, Robotics will change how they do business, and more importantly, how to respond to this sea change before it is too late. This year alone, companies will spend over $2 trillion in digital transformation. Only way for you to survive and thrive is to figure out which of these technology trends will impact your business and how to harness the power of technology. Don’t be the victim of technology, instead learn how to grab this bull by the horns and use its might to propel your business forward. Additional Topic Ideas: 1. Innovator's Mindset 2. Future of Leadership 3. The Bright Idea Box 4. Culture of Service and Innovation 5. Employee Engagement and Innovation 6. Four Leadership Secrets to Bring out the Best in Others

Jag Randhawa — Motivational Speaker

Jag Randhawa

Culture of Innovation Expert

Jag inspires the audience with real-life experiences and stories of building high performance teams and creating a culture of innovation. Keynote Topics: Innovation, Employee Engagement,Technology, Leadership, and Creativity.

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