Hire Teams, Not Tasks

Hire Teams, Not Tasks

Factoring the Power of "Team" When Hiring, Leading, or Separating from One...

It's a battle. In today's tough employment market, it seems you've just managed to get one person hired, when another leaves. You're struggling to find the best talent, but simultaneously fending off other employers who seek to steel your greatest asset - your team members. In this fun, interactive program, you'll learn: -How to fill individual positions with a focus on team output -The mostly invisible, but devastatingly high cost of staff turnover -Maximize the value of differences in your team to create more creative and effective solutions Leveraging these skills, you'll hire new members and lead the team in a manner that builds cohesion, and creates the strong employer brand that makes you a hero to your team and the kind of employer recruits can't wait to go to work for.

Rob Vieira — Motivational Speaker

Rob Vieira

Success By Helping Others Succeed

I work with organizations to build a strategic approach to leadership that addresses the importance of new leaders and takes a "big picture" view on hiring and retaining teams

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