Winning as One

Winning as One


Have you ever wondered how a professional football team, with all the competing egos of the players, coaches, managers and owners, come together as a united team for a combined goal? In this session Shawn, a veteran NFL player, draws knowledge from his experiences and unlocks the hidden secrets of team work and the simple tools and practical methods to align your team and create a renewed energy. Good teams work together but great teams work as ONE! Shawn will share how to develop a culture that encourages a team mindset and how to shift from a winning for success environment to a nourishing winning culture. He will discuss the power of the agreement, and the steps to build a culture that encourages and rewards team work Take-aways: -Creating a culture of teamwork -How to identify indicators that destroy your team -How to implement the buy-in and create mutually beneficial goals

Shawn Harper — Motivational Speaker

Shawn Harper

A set-back is just a set-up for a comeback!

Shawn Harper is gifted in motivating and inspiring hearts; powerfully encouraging others to reach their highest potential, break barriers, and overcome adversity. He is authentic, passionate, relatable, wise, and uses powerful feats of strength!

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