Collaboration, Not Competition

Collaboration, Not Competition

Building A High-Performance Team

When a team fails to collaborate and communicate, nothing gets done right. 10 people working competitively is just 10 people. But fostering a collaborative culture amongst the same 10 people leads to more productivity and better results; it leads to a team of 10. In this rallying and thought-provoking keynote, Eric Papp – a specialist who trains and mentors hundreds of the smartest managers in America — brings his audience on an inspirational journey through teamwork and collaboration. The session addresses the true nature of the team, why teams are even needed, how to trust coworkers, and overcoming the urge to compete. Eric unpacks the complicated dynamics behind these behaviors and educates listeners to build trust and take on healthy conflict without fear. Drawing on his experience working with many professional greats, Eric gives your employees the tools to remove the “I’ll just do it myself” mind-set. Instead, he puts in place the idea that everyone brings something strong and unique to each team. Turn Conflict into Collaboration: · Identifying signs of conflict and competitiveness · Learn the 4 ways of distilling trust into your team · Invoking trust and catharsis through healthy office conflicts · Building teamwork through self-awareness and emotional intelligence "If you have ever thought about leadership or consider yourself a leader, Leadership by Choice is a must-read." Jack Canfield, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Eric Papp: Effectiveness Expert — Motivational Speaker

Eric Papp: Effectiveness Expert

Taking Effective Action for Managers and Sales Professionals

Audiences enjoy Eric’s impromptu humor, ability to understand their known unspoken challenges, and actionable strategies that produce an increase in confidence and performance. Serving: Annual Conferences, Sales Meetings, and Leadership Events.

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