How To Create a Results-Driven Team With Purpose, Focus and Balanced Leadership

Background: The U.S. Team has always been a force to be reckoned with at the Olympic Games. There are a number of factors that make them such an incredibly robust powerhouse. They have learned a clear understanding of developing strong communication, conflict resolution, trusty leaders, mutual compassion, cooperative goals and compelling buy-in. These are the same skills that make a powerful AND proud business entity. It is essential to figure out the ties and communication that will give everyone their greatest support and produce the strongest collective results. Reason: To build a stronger group or company through trust, support and understanding in order to produce a team that is both productive and gratified. Learning how to utilize everyone’s greatest assets will help a team collectively move forward towards greater results. Target Audience: Groups or companies looking to increase cohesion, trust and communication within the workplace or with clients. Key Points: Building trust and credibility, Inspiring others to follow, Teamwork, Support, Leadership, Balance, Collaborative visions, Diversity, Managing conflict, Understanding group strengths and weaknesses Take-Aways: - Discover a unique way of leading and following so it becomes a collaborative effort with strong communication between departments - Gain the ability to identify with those whom you are responsible - Helping others to better understand your vision - Finding ways to bring out the best in those your work with - Understanding and melding diverse backgrounds and talents to produce a more creative solution - Build a great level of trust and understanding with coworkers - Create a path forward where everyone has buy-in - Learn to respect people’s differences and use them to your advantage - Identify other’s strengths and weaknesses to contribute to the group’s overall success - Learn how to give and receive constructive criticism Outcome: Attendees will gain the tools to inspire and motivate others to accomplish and achieve more than they thought possible. You will achieve an honest level of trust and credibility with colleagues and clients so you can drive your company forward with greater force and cohesion.

Nikki Stone — Motivational Speaker

Nikki Stone

Olympic Gold Medalist & Best Selling Author

First American to win an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL in the dynamic sport of Aerial Skiing just 18 months after enduring a spinal injury in which 10 doctors told her she would never ski again. Renowned, professional motivational speaker & best-selling author

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