Winning Teammates

Winning Teammates

Vital Lessons to Improve Your Awareness and Influence

What Winning Teammates Do Differently This inspiring talk shares what it means to be a winning teammate — and will help your people increase their value by improving their awareness. Life is a team sport — and you need more than technical talent to be successful as a team! Winning Teammates are the people that others can depend on, that others want to work with, that make team success possible. You and your audience will learn how to become more influential by taking ownership and improving interpersonal skills and relationships. THIS IS AN IDEAL PRESENTATION FOR: - Sales professionals - Athletes - Office personnel - Frontline employees - Teachers - Healthcare workers The problem today is that success requires more than just technical talent. People need interpersonal awareness and skills to succeed. The people who can build trust and focus on others most effectively will enjoy a significant competitive advantage and win more loyalty and more market share… By committing to the principles that Sean will share, your team will claim ownership, share appreciation, and encourage others to improve performance! Sean Glaze, author of The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates and Rapid Teamwork, has taken the same lessons and insights that helped him lead basketball programs to their best seasons and translated them into an actionable message that will inspire your people to be better teammates. If You Want a Winning Team… You Need to be a Winning Teammate! With his captivating stories, powerful content, and high-energy interaction, Sean delivers a program that inspires your people to recognize the impact their attitudes and behaviors have on others, to take ownership of results, and to succeed in highly competitive and demanding environments. Your audience will take-away: - the three key behaviors that build and maintain trust - how to be an owner and claim personal responsibility for results - how to be an encouraging catalyst and create a more positive team culture. PROGRAM OUTLINE I. WINNING TEAMMATES ARE AWARE OF AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS a. Build trust and see it as a three-legged stool b. Learn to have hungry eyes and ears — ask the second question c. Let go of your EGO and think team first d. Start sharing reminders instead of rearview criticisms II. WINNING TEAMMATES CLAIM PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR RESULTS a. Great teammates are owners, not employees b. Victims circumstances will only change when other people do c. What part of your leadership led to a recent outcome? d. Mirror moments, not titles, are the key to leadership III. WINNING TEAMMATES FREQUENTLY SHARE APPRECIATION AND THANKS a. Winners connect the dots… and cross the line b. If all you took for granted was taken away, what would you be left with? c. A quality thank you requires both specificity and impact d. Learn the magic ratio for appreciation and correction to improve feedback ***ADD A COPY OF SEAN’S BOOK AS A TAKE-AWAY!

Sean Glaze — Motivational Speaker

Sean Glaze

Inspiring Employees to Become Winning Teammates!

Sean delivers engaging teambuilding keynotes that inspire accountability, increase collaboration, and improve teamwork. Energize your audience with memorable stories and powerful insights from the author of The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates.

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