Thermostat Cultures

Thermostat Cultures

growing engaged & inspired teams

This keynote experience speaks to the power of creating compelling cultures within our teams and organizations. Thermometer mode means we are stuck in reactionary mode. Thermostat mode is about proactively setting the temperature you want for your culture. We know that success is not just defined by WHAT we do, but more importantly, HOW we do it. How each of our people show up, lead, serve, and follow through on the work every day is what determines our success. Is your team setting the temperature for how you want to Think, Act and Interact? This inspiring experience draws on stories of how global brands have engaged the minds and hearts of their people, and in doing so, have created ambassadors for the very best of the culture they are trying to create. This interactive keynote will deliver inspiring stories, new ideas, and actionable items that leaders can leverage to immediately begin strengthening their culture and accountability. Jason's newest book "Thermostat Cultures" is being celebrated and resonating around the globe!

Jason Barger — Motivational Speaker

Jason Barger

Engaging Minds and Hearts

In a highly distracted world, the best leaders and teams are focused on developing leaders, culture, and clarity of mission & vision. Are you Busy or Effective? 21st Century Leaders commit to seeing with new eyes and leading Thermostat Cultures!

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