Drop & Play   Do not underestimate the power of play!

Drop & Play Do not underestimate the power of play!

Play builds empathy. Empathy builds connection, Connection is everything

As the world “opens” and deep uncertainty is the best way to characterize the “new not-so-normal,” we are all in need of a healthy distinctive way to come together as a team, as an organization, as a conference. We are in dire need of less talk and more play! Drop & Play uses the application of improvisation! Not to worry - this is not performance improv. This is an invitation to step into the power of spontaneous play and then bask in all it's benefits: • Spontaneity - agility to thrive in uncertainty • Empathy - we all come to the "room," with different stories and circumstances • Focus - more productive • Bonding - a team that laughs together - is a team • Generosity - Yes, AND... instead of Yes, but... • Creativity - "did I just do that? Cool!" • Energized - "bring it on" attitude These are the same competencies and traits that are crucial, as we try to adapt, manage, and flourish in our "new norm." Whether on Zoom or Teams or…If you are interested in experiencing the profound power of play for yourself, please let me know. Since the lock-down, hundreds of clients are loving the transformation, fun, and connection Drop & Play is bringing to teams and conferences. "...play lifts stress from us. It refreshes us and recharges us. It restores optimism. It changes our perspective, stimulating creativity. It renews our ability to accomplish the work of the world. By anyone's reckoning, those are remarkably worthy achievements." Hara Estroff Marano, Editor-at-Large, Psychology Today

Maxine Shapiro — Motivational Speaker

Maxine Shapiro

An outrageous blend of humor and business savvy!

From the Feds to FOX, Papyrus to Zappos, find out why clients call Max, "Phenomenal!" These HIGHLY interactive keynotes and workshops transform your event into a playground for collaboration, boldness, and agility. Transformative AND entertaining.

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