From the Top of Your Head to the Bottom Line

Sidney Friedman's MIND POWER HOUR is a mind-altering, life-altering, business-altering, practical, positive, FUN-packed 60 to 120 minutes of insights and discoveries. It's perfect for: + executive brainstorming enhancement + leadership and communication sessions + customer interaction improvement (for sales & customer service) + solicitor training for charitable giving + better inter-office communication Corporations, charities and associations have all brought in Sidney's MIND POWER HOUR. It is PROVEN to do the following: 1) When used correctly, regularly and naturally, the information Friedman shares will have a positive bottom line effect. 2) Friedman gives you tools and concepts not given in any other training. 3) Your people will feel more comfortable and more confident in creating bonds with each other, with customers and potential customers. It’s all about communication, and Sidney shows what goes on in the subconscious of others and how to affect the subconscious thoughts of others so they are open to your ideas and requests. Here’s what you’ll learn: + How to transform business solicitation into “soul-icitation,” believing and knowing in your heart, soul, and every fiber of your being that the help you are offering is crucial to the well-being of the people who use your product and/or service. + The Destiny-Attainment Technique + “Phone-tastic” communication and the one key thing to do before picking up the phone, which has a HUGE impact on the success of your call. + The most important moment in a conversation. + The second most important moment in a conversation. + Sidney’s synchronicity principle, a key to effective subconscious communication. + How NOT listening to every word will help you connect with the person you are speaking with. Sounds illogical, but instead, this one technique creates deeper bonds of communication. No one else out there is teaching what Sidney is sharing. It’s a FRESH approach with MIND POWER insights that help you do your job more effectively and with tremendous fun. Here are more concepts you’ll learn: 1) The Story Equals Glory! 2) Reiteration is Sweeping the Nation! 3) The Subconscious Motion of Success! 4) The Key Hand Gesture to Make a Significant Point! 5) The Synchronicity Principle! 6) The Grandma Principle! 7) The Mirror Technique! 8) To Script or Not to Script! Plus, Sidney shares these 3 keys: 1) The Truth About Objections! 2) Golden Responses to Objections! 3) Soulful Points to Make About Your Organization! The principles learned in the MIND POWER HOUR not only help with increasing business, but help you with all areas of your life, wherever there is the act of communication or goal attainment.

SID THE KID (Sidney Friedman) — Motivational Speaker

SID THE KID (Sidney Friedman)


As Seen on the TODAY SHOW and THE VIEW, #1 Best-Selling Author and Mentalist Helps You and Your Organization Achieve Success by Easily Communicating with your Subconscious Mind

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