The Flow Lab

The Flow Lab

Reset Your Mind and Renew Your Energy

What if you could train your brain to be more focused and creative and train your body to be less stressed and more resilient? Flow labs are designed to do just that. This one-hour experiential session can be presented virtually or in-person and includes a short talk and the following science-based activities: -- Breathing Session to release stress and increase resilience -- Guided Meditation to reset brain and activate creativity -- Reflective Activities to integrate the insights and energy received during the session. Flow labs add value to meetings, trainings, conferences and executive retreats. Flow Labs can also be embedded into any of the above talks or trainings to bring your session to life.

Kimberly Kingsley — Motivational Speaker

Kimberly Kingsley

Cultivating Resilience for Maximal Agility

Today's world demands agility. Agility arises out of extreme presence and an inner resilience that culminates in flow. Adopting a flow skillset enables us to navigate a rapidly changing world with greater ease. All talks are engaging and uplifting.

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