Pressure-Free's Optimal Performance

Pressure-Free's Optimal Performance

All-day workshop/retreat to reduce stress and optimize performance.

This program is the full Pressure-Free Living Course in four 90-minute presentations. It is an Ideal offering to start each day of a longer conference. Sessions include: 1. The Pressure-Free solution to reduced stress. 2. Tools for Mental Toughness and Positive Mindset 3. Pressure-Freeing the Body to Heal and Perform 4. Time Management and Life-Crafting. Elle presents quick, easy tools to participants that can transform their health, performance and relationships within days, even hours.

Elle Ingalls - Performance & Stress — Motivational Speaker

Elle Ingalls - Performance & Stress

Maximize Performance Without the Stress and Burnout

From Kellogg to Wells Fargo and countless non-profits and educational institutions, Elle has cracked the code on reducing stress, anger and anxiety quickly and effectively. A former Forbes Coach, she solves your audience member's biggest problem.

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