Spiritual Powerlifting

Spiritual Powerlifting

a 28 day Journey Toward Enlightenment

People throughout the world have been on a quest almost since the beginning of time to achieve a closer link with the Infinite. Various regimens crossing the major religions have been established to bring believers to a better spiritual relationship with their God. Some of them work better than others. In this 1 hour session Brendan J. Cunningham will discuss some of the features and highlights from his newest book "Spiritual Powerlifting: a 28 Day Journey Toward Enlightenment." (Publication anticipated November 2015) If you are a person who describes themselves as remotely spiritual, if you are looking for a method that is easy to master, If you would like to dramatically increase the quality of your life and have a better relationship with your God, this program is for you.

Brendan J. Cunningham — Motivational Speaker

Brendan J. Cunningham

Motivation that lasts...

Author, Rainmaker, Change Merchant, Team builder, Business Developer: "It's like getting Tony Robbins without all those glaring teeth and at a fraction of the cost." www.excelleronconsulting.com

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