Social Media is Just Like Owning a Business

Social Media is Just Like Owning a Business

Social Media Made Easy for Business Owners

Social media is a lot like owning a business. The most important elements involve preparation, interacting with customers and making things look BEAUTIFUL! This seminar puts concepts in social media into business terminology so it’s easy to apply to one’s own business. Using real seminar attendee examples, I give a personalized look at how you can help your business grow through social media. Covering the most time and cost effective platforms, this seminar explores the best ways to tackle social media, gain more fans and increase your sales. Attendees who pre-register for the seminar can take a brief online survey that I create on the challenges they have with social media. I take their answers and then customize my examples to include their businesses. This makes the experience more fun and more engaging. Here's a testimonial from a conference organizer who booked me at a recent speaking engagement in Australia. The VP of the association had heard me speak in Houston, and then brought me over to Australia a few months later: "As in Texas, Lindsay captured the crowd in all 4 sessions ( even the late afternoon sessions, where speakers in the past have been beaten by the ‘ post afternoon-tea drowsy delegates effect’). We always ask our delegates to evaluate all our speakers at our conferences, and Lindsay got glowing reviews from every delegate. To put it simply -She knows her stuff and she knows how to deliver it. I would not hesitate to recommend Lindsay for any speaking event. She will be an asset to your event and I’m already planning for her to come back and speak at our next conference as well." -Matt, VP, Museum Shops Association of Australia

Lindsay Anvik — Motivational Speaker

Lindsay Anvik

Every company needs a coach and a cheerleader. I'm both.

International speaker who has NEVER gotten less than 5 star reviews. My personalized (never canned) seminars and consulting work have garnered attention from everyone from the NYTimes to MSNBC to InStyle magazine.

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