Inside Out - Outside In

Inside Out - Outside In

How to sell anyone, anything, at any time with a clear conscience

Do you find yourself inundated with options in an ever changing world of technology? There's CRM's, funnels, social media, personal branding, etc.? As sales people, it seems like every day there's a new way to try to sell the consumer and we've become fascinated by the promises of great marketing. Convinced that the selling process is easy. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the art of selling has been dying off. Instead, it's filled with sensationalist headlines, luring copy that says nothing, and products that deliver little to no real value. Selling is the constant. And returning to root of all sales is essential in perfecting this amazing art. For the past 10 years, Mike has worked with sales people helping them to truly identify the "WHY" behind the "YES" and how to create more 'YESES'. Mike teaches his audiences how selling from the 'Inside Out' is the most important trait, lost amongst the plethora of 'guru' tactics being sold on the market today. Coming back to authenticity, to value, to truly understanding the need of the client in order to increase revenues, increase retention, and decrease lost ROI in the marketing pool. Learn how to answer the age old questions: Who is your ideal client, where do they exist, what do they want, how do they want their solution delivered, and WHY do they want to say yes to you.

Mike Todd — Motivational Speaker

Mike Todd

"Turning Setbacks into a Comebacks"

Success and Failure stems from Mindset. Serial entrepreneur and entertaining storyteller, Mike Todd keeps audiences engaged as they dig deep to discover what buried thoughts have been holding them back.

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