Laser-Focused Selling

Laser-Focused Selling

Increase Sales Effectiveness

Is your team distracted? Overwhelmed? Losing focus on revenue-generating activities and critical business milestones? From emails to other employees to our own home life, there’s a lot around us that can consume our minds. It’s common. But it’s a problem when your business starts to feel it. Eric Papp — a leading effectiveness expert — takes your team headfirst into the epidemic of distraction in the workforce. By exploring root causes and pain points, this incredibly motivational method challenges listeners to discipline their concentration and push for immediate action. Laser-focused selling starts with mastering The Big 3 — Plan, Prioritize, Protect — to maximize time and minimize distraction. Eric uses real-life examples to excite professionals to increase sales by leaps and bounds. This high-energy keynote focuses on breaking down conventional approaches and showing how simplicity is a sales person’s best weapon against distraction. After listening to Eric, your team will walk away motivated and full of energy, ready to implement these proven strategies to increase productivity and confidence. How It’s Done: · Identify distraction points · Explain revenue-generating vs. non-revenue-generating activities · Learn The Big 3: Plan, Prioritize, Protect · Weekly Strategy Sheet · Discover time blocking

Eric Papp: Effectiveness Expert — Motivational Speaker

Eric Papp: Effectiveness Expert

Taking Effective Action for Managers and Sales Professionals

Audiences enjoy Eric’s impromptu humor, ability to understand their known unspoken challenges, and actionable strategies that produce an increase in confidence and performance. Serving: Annual Conferences, Sales Meetings, and Leadership Events.

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