Transform Your Memory Into a Valuable Asset

Transform Your Memory Into a Valuable Asset

An entertaining, interactive presentation where audiences have fun learning to remember names, secure passwords and more.

Remembering anything made simple (and fun) with this interactive presentation. Customized for your audience, but usually including how to remember the names of clients and prospects, numbers and other industry-specific details, secure passwords... everything we see, hear and read. Tons of on-your-feet, hands-on practice makes it simple to put these exciting new skills into practice in the real world. Filled with laughter and camaraderie, made especially fun with feats of memory and entertaining surprises that leave audiences happy and inspired to remember better than ever before. Brad understands the importance of keeping audiences engaged and laughing. His success at sales, prospecting, customer service and getting referrals makes him perfect to speak for all types of business groups: he's been right there with them and understands what they're going through. Modified based on your requirements: perfect as a keynote or workshop, quick session opener or icebreaker.

Brad Zupp, Speaker and Author — Motivational Speaker

Brad Zupp, Speaker and Author

Fun yet practical presentations for the real world.

Exceptionally fun memory empowerment presentations to improve sales, relationships, productivity and peace of mind.

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