Selling Mindfully

Selling Mindfully

Selling for the long term with win-win relationships in mind

Selling Mindfully The Selling Mindfully program was developed over the course of twenty years. While working in a host of sales and marketing roles, ultimately serving as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for an International online learning company, it became apparent to Scott that everyone had a different theory about sales. To find the methodology that suited him best, he took every course that was available anywhere and each offered some value, but all had major flaws. He made a simple decision to take all the best components of each and put it into his own program. He had already been doing this very successfully with his own sales people, so he knew it worked. This program Scott has put together is guaranteed to help motivate your sales team and remind them of their importance in the organization. The tools provided to your team members will help them build their sales funnels, close more sales, and improve upon current retention rates. Your team will be led through a simple, step-by-step process that will empower your sales people to create lasting bonds with their prospects/clients and ultimately create lifelong customers. This program has been effective for cellular telephone retailers, educational software companies, universities, telecommunications companies and many others. Whether your average sale is a quick close or a one year courtship, the Selling Mindfully program focuses on developing customer relationships that connect you and your prospects on both a business and personal level. Simply put, this system works!

Scott David Goyette — Motivational Speaker

Scott David Goyette

Existing Mindfully - Living in the Moment with Gratitude

Scott Goyette has inspired thousands to live happier, more balanced lives. Known as the "Mindful Living Expert," Scott shares tools that challenge you to live with a deeper sense of gratitude. Corporate, Collegiate and Youth programs are offered.

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