How to Avoid Mishaps and Mistakes by Paying Better Attention

In today’s fast-paced world, lack of focus and mental distractions are a major root cause of harmful incidents. Every year, unfocused acts cost billions of dollars in damage and injury. “Mindfully Safe” combats this problem by giving your employees the tools to concentrate better, heighten their attention to detail and effectively manage distractions. The result? A safer workplace. 5 WAYS "MINDFULLY SAFE" WILL IMPROVE YOUR BOTTOM LINE: 1. A decrease in accidents and an increase in positive behaviors. 2. Improved quality of work with fewer mistakes. 3. Less sick time due to stress-caused symptoms, such as headaches and digestion problems. 4. An increase in hazard recognition which will reduce accidents. 5. A surge of ideas from employees on ways to make their work more efficient and safe. AUDIENCE “Mindfully Safe” is valuable for employees, supervisors, managers and contractors at every level of your organization. It is perfect for outages, turnarounds and other special projects where it’s crucial that employees stay focused on the task at hand. TAKE AWAYS Participants who experience Richard’s keynote will discover how to: -- Improve their moods and general awareness using three simple habits. -- Stay focused on the task at hand practicing down-to-earth methods. -- Slow down so you can get more work done in less time using proven focusing techniques. -- Stop distracting thoughts with 3 easy steps. -- Make better decisions with more confidence. -- Follow a proven system for handling negative emotions a major root cause of behavior-based mistakes and incidents. -- Use habit tags which will remind them to pay attention. FORMAT Richard’s programs are lively and fun, but they also include practical activities, tips and techniques that can be applied immediately within your organization. Each program is tailored to your organization’s specific needs and objectives, including program length. Formats range from a 60- minute, high-energy keynote to a full-day interactive workshop. We also recommend that Richard conduct a brief session with your supervisors to teach them how to make the “Mindfully Safe” message stick with your employees. Copyright © 2019 Richard Hawk Inc. www.makesafetyfun.com

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