Flow Lab

Flow Lab

Cultivate Resilience through Energy Mastery

What if you were able to train your brain to be more focused while training your body to be less stressed and more resilient? Flow Labs are designed to do just that. A Flow Lab is an hour-long experiential session designed to promote resilience, focus and wellbeing. In addition to receiving actionable tips, participants will: Discharge accumulated stress Reestablish a mind/body connection Learn evidence-based practices to maintain focus and wellbeing Identify the four essential qualities of flow Flow Labs add value to meetings, trainings, conferences and executive retreats. Turn any Flow Lab into a talk or training by adding one of the following topics: Opt out of Stress Culture and Reclaim Your Energy Flow: The Secret to a Meaningful Life Organic Integrity: A Lesson from Nature on Growth, Resilience and the Importance of Giving Back Other Topics Include: Energy Mastery The Science of Flow Transformation vs. Change Growth Mindset Emotional Agility Decision Making Purpose ALL PROGRAMS ARE AVAILABLE IN-PERSON OR VIRTUALLY.

Kimberly Kingsley — Motivational Speaker

Kimberly Kingsley

Cultivating Resilience for Maximal Agility

Today's world demands agility. Agility arises out of extreme presence and an inner resilience that culminates in flow. Adopting a flow skillset enables us to navigate a rapidly changing world with greater ease. All talks are engaging and uplifting.

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