Marriage Consulting

Marriage Consulting

Commited marriages knowing personality strengths

Do I know the person with whom I might want to develop a lifetime, wholesome relationship? Do opposites really attract? If they do, how can I a very complementary relationship with a person who is very different from me? Too many people enter into a relationship that is designed to be a lifetime commitment before they genuinely know each other while dedicating themselves to edify their prospective mate. Knowing each other's personality strengths while knowing and choosing to adapt to their mate's personality is essential in developing a commitment to each other that is designed to remain for a lifetime. We assess personalities while defining areas of strengths that represent good compatibility while highlighting aspects of personalities that will require special attention. Those who know, accept, and adapt to each other have a high probability of having a lasting marriage.

Ron Cooper — Motivational Speaker

Ron Cooper


I advance people and organizations by challenging the status quo through quality thinking. I leverage my 22 years Air Force fighter pilot and command, executive leadership, and certifications in leadership and human behavior to add value to people.en

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