Fix Your Money, Find Your Honey (TM)

Fix Your Money, Find Your Honey (TM)

Are You Tired of Attracting the Wrong Partner? Of Being Alone? Find Out What Your Money Habits Say About You!

Are you unknowingly sending out negative vibes? Desperate vibes? Find out what your money habits reveal and what you can do to take your dating to the next level! Attraction Secrets Revealed! You'll be surprised to hear what singles REPEATEDLY say is the most attractive thing you can be. Hint: it's not sexy or rich! It's something everyone can put on! Battle of the Sexes! Even in this day of equality, men and women view money habits differently. Think your money habits should make your date swoon? Think again! Take Action ASAP! Our action plan will help you identify and develop the "money persona" best fits the partner you want to attract while still being true to yourself!

JJ Conway — Motivational Speaker

JJ Conway

Solutions, Not a Sales Pitch!

A warm and engaging speaker who empowers people and organizations to dump debt and build lasting wealth. Her financial, leadership, and business-building talks will encourage and energize your audience!

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