How to End Toxic Relationships Once & For All

How to End Toxic Relationships Once & For All

Regain your power and control of your relationships

Let's be honest: Relationships take lots of effort to work. Unfortunately, lots of people are enduring miserable relationships where one party is doing most of the work, while the other party is slacking off. Is this how relationships eventually turn out? Are we all destined to live a lifetime of misery in toxic relationships? Everyday, someone is beaten into submission as a punching bag; or made into a scapegoat. Some people even lose all contact with family and friends for the sake of an emotionally dependent partner. Is that fair? Are people really supposed to isolate themselves from their healthy relationships just to be with someone? Absolutely not! As host for a series of BlogTalk Radio and tele-seminars on Toxic Relationships I wanted to find out why so many people endure toxic relationships. These talks hit a real nerve that has generated tremendous buzz, conversations, and resulted in the best-selling book "How To End Toxic Relationships Once and For All" by Ricardo A. Black.   Did you know that each and every one of your relationships have a monetary value? That's right. Think about all the people currently in your life: A. Who is saving or multiplying your money? B. Who is losing, spending, and constantly taking your money? You deserve better (and you know it). You deserve love (and you're not receiving it). You know you deserve to be happier (but, you're miserable). If they are costing you money, that's a toxic relationship! Register for "How to End Toxic Relationships" seminar and turn over a new leaf. If  you need strength, you will find strength at this seminar. If you need courage, you will find courage at this seminar. If you need confidence, you will find a strong foundation to stand on at this seminar.  If you or someone you know has asked any of these questions about your/their relationship, register for a seminar in your area: * Why do I keep attracting the same type of people in my life? * Why am I always skipped over for promotions? * How come I'm always the one making all the phone calls? * Why can't I upgrade my ride? * Can I really find that perfect person who truly understands me? * What can I do to put an end to bad relationships once and for all?  WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Whether you are single or in a committed relationship–this is for you. Perhaps you're in a platonic relationship, or are a friend with benefits–this is for you, too. Maybe you're looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right–this is for you. Even if you're not sure what you want in your next relationship, you definitely want to receive the secrets to ending toxic relationships before they even appear. Remember, relationships come in all forms. It's not only about the person sleeping next to you tonight. You must also consider your relationship with parents, friends, associates, people at work, your boss, and the bus-driver who always away at the last minute; the hostess at your favorite restaurant; your dry cleaner; and your sanitation worker. Your RELATIONSHIP MAGNETIZING POWER extends to the type of clothes you wear; how you travel; and where you live and socialize. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Attendees will be armed with real-life strategies to End Toxic Relationships, including: * How to accurately categorize current relationships  * Learning how the role of your family history impacts relationships * Understanding your power of magnetism in relationship * Coming face-to-face with individual responsibility * Assessing your partner's perception of you  * Assessing your perception of your partner * Conducting a relationship self-analysis without finding fault * Taking a stand to experience better relationships * Recognizing the financial value of relationships * Shifting your relationships into high gear * Clarifying your feelings To learn more, register for "How to End Toxic Relationships" seminar and send your toxic relationships an eviction notice today! -Ricardo A. Black

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