Hitting a Home Run - Basic Leasing & Sales Solutions

Hitting a Home Run - Basic Leasing & Sales Solutions

Hitting a Home Run - Basic Leasing, Sales Property Management Solutions That Will Lead to a Lease!

Telephone Techniques: When a prospect calls, we seem to be under the impression that they are calling to hear everything our community has to offer, which then will lead to further exploration. WRONG! The reality is, they have a long list of places to call and they’re working on reducing their list to only a few communities to visit and explore further. Learn the techniques to ensure that your community lands on that list. The Vital Visit: You’re on the short list and got them through the door, now what? We’ll walk through steps from greeting, identifying the prospect’s needs, and community demonstrations that include highlighting features & benefits of the community. Fantastic Follow-Up: What? They didn’t lease? No worries, we will review and explore fantastic follow-up strategies that will result in return visits and ultimately, leases!

Elaine Simpson — Motivational Speaker

Elaine Simpson

Conversations. Not Presentations.

Experienced property manager, customer service marketing director and trainer to hundreds of clients seeking soft skill topics with an interactive and fun edge. From Marketing to Customer Service to Time Management and specialty topics such as fair housing.

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