Battling Burnout

Battling Burnout

My Well Being Matters

In this presentation, we will explore how burnout affects the individual as well as the organization. Burnout can affect more than simply the individual who has it. It leads to dispiritedness among the rest of the organization and low achievement. Burnout causes other individuals to pick up the slack and feel even more stressed than before. Audience will learn how to identify common stressful behaviors and evaluate their effect, understand the importance of putting people’s well-being before profits, learn how to manage the demands of the business and the well-being of individual contributors and leaders, conduct an individual self-care audit and empathy audit on the company to gauge core values are being lived out in the work environment, and identify internal support to employees experiencing burnout and helping to minimize stress.

Tiana Sanchez — Motivational Speaker

Tiana Sanchez

A Modern Day Leadership Connoisseur and Success Curator

"Life is all about the PIVOTS we make, the RESILIENCE we have, and the RISKS we take." Inspiring and empowering your audience to be the leaders you need them to be during and post COVID! Podcast Host ? Keynote ? Best-Selling Author

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