Conquering the email monster

Conquering the email monster

Get rid of email clutter and information overload to gain for time for what really matters to you!

Do you feel like you spent the whole day just answering email sometimes? You'll learn how to: - gain more time for important things and not get distracted by email, be focused and feel more relaxed by keeping your inbox clean, - find emails you need - when you need them, - get all the messages that really matter answered in time, - keep track of follow ups, and; - change your writing style to have people answering you precisely, short and to the point instead of creating endless questions-answer marathons. Save 30 minutes a day answering your email, finding what you need instead of wasting time with searching. Get all important messages follow up activities done in time!

Holger Woeltje — Motivational Speaker

Holger Woeltje

Harnessing technology for productivity

Harnessing technology for productivity: German expert (author of 7 best selling books) who works with Fortune Global 500 companies worldwide teaches you how to prepare for the future digital workplace - in easy to understand language

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