Smart phones for smart people

Smart phones for smart people

iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy power tips for executives and frequent travellers

How to make your life easier - the best tips & tricks for your iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy smartphone. You'll learn how to: - Master your Blackberry / Samsung Galaxy / iPhone: use it faster, more efficiently and avoid common pitfalls, - find all important information at a glance whenever you need it, always have flight/train/bus schedules at hand, find the best hotels restaurants, - manage your email on the go so you'll have less to do when you get back home, - be more relaxed by using profiles for keeping calls and emails silent, take your favourite music, audio books and pod casts with you, and; - remember everything you need to know, great ideas and new tasks / appointments by using your mobile calendar, memo pad, voice notes and camera the smart way to unleash the power of its full potential!

Holger Woeltje — Motivational Speaker

Holger Woeltje

Harnessing technology for productivity

Harnessing technology for productivity: German expert (author of 7 best selling books) who works with Fortune Global 500 companies worldwide teaches you how to prepare for the future digital workplace - in easy to understand language

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