LIMITLESS (Without A Pill)

LIMITLESS (Without A Pill)

Quantum Leap To Self Awareness: Achieve Higher Levels Of Creativity & Intelligence

Bradley Cooper takes a pill to uncover his genius in the movie Limitless, but Jodi helps you discover how to scale your business & get the most out of life by reducing anxiety, stress, worry, overwhelm and procrastination, without talking a pill. Entrepreneurs spend on average, 90+ hours per month, focusing on what isn't happening in their business, rather than what is working. In this powerful keynote, Jodi helps her audience understand that simplicity is the key to more profits and greater success in business. It's about conquering your mindset and recognizing the ineffective patterns that are getting in your way of your business, your dreams and living a life that makes you truly happy. Jodi teaches an entirely new approach to "goal achieving." If you want to balance your career, health, wealth, relationships, charity, free time…. This is the perfect keynote to hear. "SUFFERING IS A BYPRODUCT OF YOUR THOUGHTS. THINK POSITIVELY & YOU'LL BE POSITIVE." - Jodi Pliszka, Ph.D.

Jodi Pliszka, Ph.D.- Neuromarketing Dr. — Motivational Speaker

Jodi Pliszka, Ph.D.- Neuromarketing Dr.

Outsmart Your Competition & Get The Unfair Advantage!

People leave a "Jodi Talk" with goose bumps & boundless contagious energy, ready to take action in their lives & businesses. Jodi is sure to ignite the creativity spark & create a..."Did you see Jodi Pliszka's talk today?" buzz that lasts for years!

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