Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Strategies to Get More Done in Less Time with Less Stress

Interruptions, multi-tasking, meetings, multiple projects and priorities create demands and deadlines that can be hard to meet. Higher levels of stress, burnout and employee turnover can be the result. How can you achieve high levels of productivity and retain your best talent? Everyone wants to "work smarter, not harder", but what does that mean? For some, it's about being more efficient, for others, it's getting tasks done sooner or leaving the office on time each day. Multi-tasking and working longer hours does not work. We need a better approach to increase productivity. In this program, Cahti Hight shares the secrets to higher productivity as participants explore: - Why multi-tasking hurts your brain, creates stress, and lowers productivity. - How to prioritize the Urgent, Squeaky Wheel and Someday. - Death by meetings -- ways to reclaim your time - Hijacked by interruptions -- control the unnecessary - Five Stages of Stress - how to prevent burnout Learn more about how Cathi Hight helps team to increase productivity:

Cathi Hight — Motivational Speaker

Cathi Hight

Kaizen strategies increase productivity and customer loyalty

Improve productivity, develop high-performing teams, and achieve long-term goals.

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