Space Invaders: How To Define Your Personal Space

Space Invaders: How To Define Your Personal Space

So You Can Recognize & Deal With Personal Safety Concerns

Everyone has a different point at which they decide enough is enough. This personal breaking point exists for each situation that pushes us to our limits of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional tolerance. Our personal space is an area where we have boundaries. If someone gets too close to you and makes you feel uncomfortable, you must have a predetermined and established “line” that will force you to act if crossed. This can be a physical line such as when someone gets too close physically, or it can be an invisible mental or emotional “line in the sand.” The important thing for each one of us is to recognize what it is and when someone crosses it. If you have never defined this personal space, you will not know what to do or how to react. Anything that comes inside your predefined area may be perceived as a threat to your personal safety. From simply making you feel uncomfortable to physical assault, it is imperative to help you deal with others on both a personal and professional level . The space can also be non-physical, such as when someone goes too far through some form of mental or emotional abuse. By understanding your own boundaries, you will be more readily able to recognize the way others act based on not only on your physical distance from them, but also your actions and behavior. What may seem innocuous to you may be perceived as uncomfortable or threatening to others. In today's society more than ever, this is not a minor concern. This session goes into depth on how each of us has different emotional, mental, spiritual and physical limits, and how each type of social or confrontational situation calls for its own boundaries. Other countries have their own defined personal spaces, and so those traveling outside their home country need to be aware of this as well. Attendee Takeaways: 1. Attendees will learn how to define their personal boundaries. 2. Attendees will learn to recognize when that boundary is being threatened or crossed. 3. Attendees will discover how to react and what to do when their personal boundaries are threatened or crossed.

Pete Canavan — Motivational Speaker

Pete Canavan

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After training over 2500 students in self-defense, & working with hundreds of businesses to improve their IT security through his consulting, Pete Canavan has made it his mission to improve personal, corporate & higher education safety & security.

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